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If you are an imperfect woman of faith clinging to Jesus through the joys and messes of life, well, you're in the right place. I too have walked through the many ups and downs of life. Sometimes I have gotten it right, yet other times, I have completely missed it. But one things for sure, we can all learn from one another. 

Please join us as we learn more about God’s Word. My prayer is that you will find encouragement here that will strengthen you through any season you find yourself in. Subscribe below to join us.

About The Blog

I believe that you have to put yourself out there including your heart if you want to build relationships. As a 37 year old woman who has experienced a few trials in my life, I want to share what God is teaching me. I have found that I have had some amazing blessings and joyful seasons in my life but none have tried or grounded my faith as much as my hard wilderness seasons. During these hard seasons I found comfort, sometimes, in complete strangers. Other women of God who shared their stories online, in articles and blogs. Their stories encouraged my faith and strengthened my walk. They inspired me to also reach out and uplift other women.


After years of working as a nurse and caring for patients, I now find myself battling with chronic illness. Debilitating symptoms from chronic illness has led me on a journey through grief, suffering and isolation. This is where I learned to trust and rely on God. This dark valley became a place of learning, love, reliance and hope. Through the pain, God has planted a seed of gratitude and joy in my heart that has been growing despite my circumstances. 

This blog was created to be an online community for women to find encouragement. Here you will find Bible Study on life, faith through health challenges, marriage, prayer and mental health.


Welcome to Unspoken Words of the Heart.....

- Tracy Hagler

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