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I'm so glad you decided to visit "Unspoken Words of the Heart". A place for women to be transparent. No "mask" or "highlight reel" required. May we grow in faith, God's Word and in the Holy Spirit. That we may embrace every season in this journey called life with courage and hope, for HIS glory. Even the hard seasons.

About The Blog

I believe that you have to put yourself out there including your heart if you want to build relationships. As a 37 year old woman who has experienced a few trials in my life, I want to share what God has taught me. I have found that I have had some amazing blessings and joyful seasons in my life but none have tried or grounded my faith as much as my hard wilderness seasons. During these hard seasons I found comfort, sometimes, in complete strangers. Other women of God sharing their stories online, in articles and blogs. Their stories encouraged my faith and strengthened my walk. They inspired me to also reach out and uplift other women. I have a heart for people who are experiencing physical and mental suffering, for I myself battle with a chronic illness. I realize that some of the hardest things God wants to change in us are the issues of the heart. God wants our hearts. This is where "Unspoken Words of the Heart" was birthed. God has breathed into my heart that what he has done for me and the strength that he has given to me needs to be shared with others. I'm sharing the "Unspoken Words of my Heart".

~ Tracy Hagler ~


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